Minority-And-Woman-Owned Law Firm Serving An Equally Diverse Clientele

Amid statewide and national legal landscapes dominated by culturally homogeneous law firms, the makeup of our Pearson & Schachter firm is a rarity for the East Bay region — a minority-and-woman-owned office of accomplished, exceptional legal professionals seeking to help an ethnically diverse, progressive Northern California business law audience.

We are equally dedicated to the success of our international clientele, whether or not they have already established interests in our state.

No matter where you come from, and regardless of your race or religion, if your closely held family business or corporation has pressing transactional legal needs that must be addressed, we are here for you: to listen to you, learn from you and act swiftly on your behalf, in courts of law if necessary.

Pearson & Schachter — A California Law Firm That Looks Like America

When it comes to diversity, we practice what we preach, in these ways:

  • Our partners, associates and support staff represent all walks of life, ethnic and economic backgrounds and customs that represent our country's cultural mosaic.
  • We speak your language — whether it's English, Japanese or Tagalog. We can access translation services for any language, from any part of the world, to facilitate the kind of communications that are so essential to any attorney-client relationship.
  • Your status as a business owner is something that our lawyers personally relate to. When it comes to generating sympathy and empathy for the highs and lows that enterprising individuals encounter while building a company, we take a back seat to no one.

Contact Our Minority-/Woman-Owned Law Firm In Walnut Creek

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