Commercial Litigators Who Protect Your Rights In California Courts

The Pearson & Schachter law firm in Walnut Creek represents our clients in a broad range of commercial and business, insurance, construction, breach of contract, telecommunications, employment and real estate litigation.

The cases we handle often involve complex contract disputes and claims of commercial fraud, and include, for example, construction, real estate and commercial lending disputes, among other problematic past transactions, as well as business torts and bankruptcy adversary proceedings

Our roster of appreciative Pearson & Schachter clients includes real estate developers and investors, property owners and managers, brokers, homeowners' associations, contractors and construction companies, architects and architectural firms and many more.

Experienced Litigators Who Provide A Strong Voice For Your Goals In California Courts

Pearson & Schachter's diverse clientele trusts our attorneys' combined decades of experience, exhaustive investigation, thorough case preparation, persuasive presentations, attentive personal service and track record of success with complex business litigation matters.

Our statewide, national and international clients also count on us to tell them when a battle is not worth fighting. If you are dreading the time-consuming, expensive use of a courtroom to resolve a stressful dispute — if what you really need is straight talk about risk management and litigation avoidance — we offer solid guidance that leads to sound, efficient decisions about your commercial future.

To contact our Walnut Creek commercial litigation lawyers and arrange an initial consultation, call Pearson & Schachter at 925-464-7086 or stay online to send an email message. We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and finding out how we can help.